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Soviet Air Force 41-42: Phoenix out of the Ashes

The Soviet Air Force (VVS) in the beginning of Operation Barbarossa endured one of the most devastating defeats in aviation history, yet only 18 months later it was able to break the Germans air superiority.

See notes on Accuracy & “Methodology” (bottom) for more detailed information.

» The Assault Platoon of the Grenadier-Company November 1944 (StG 44) -
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Jones, David R.: From Disaster to Recovery: Russia’s Air Forces in the Two World Wars. In: Higham & Harris: Why Air Forces Fail

Greenwood, John T.: Soviet Frontal Aviation during the Great Patriotic War, 1941-45. In: Russian Aviation and Air Power in the Twentieth Century

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Ethan Meixsell - Demilitarized Zone (the Irony :D)

---Notes on Accuracy & “Methodology”---
The numbers are almost all rounded, for detailed numbers check out the script on which usually also includes references to the pages as well.
The displayed planes are just correct in terms of numbers not in terms of aircraft type (bomber, fighter – except if stated explicitly) nor specific aircraft.

Script & further information:


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