8 Amazing facts about Urooj Raees | Real History Urdu/Hindi | Nuktaa - Livez Pk
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8 Amazing facts about Urooj Raees | Real History Urdu/Hindi | Nuktaa

Watch Nuktaa latest video on 8 facts about Urooj Reis in Urdu/Hindi. Urooj Reis was an Ottoman seaman, who became governor of Algiers, chief governor of the West Mediterranean, and admiral of the Ottoman Empire. The elder brother of the famous Ottoman admiral Hayreddin Barbarossa was born on the Ottoman island of Midilli (Lesbos in present-day Greece) and died in battle against the Spanish at Tlemcen in the Ottoman Eyalet of Algeria. He became known as Baba Urooj/Oruc or Baba Aruj when he transported large numbers of Morisco, Muslim, and Jewish refugees from Spain to North Africa, folk etymology in Europe transformed that name into Barbarossa. Urooj reis is the first ottoman navy admiral.
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