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Battle Monsters (Sega Saturn 1995) - Deathmask [Playthrough/LongPlay]

Platform: Sega Saturn
Developer: Scarab
Publisher: JP: Naxat Soft / NA|EU: Acclaim
Year: 1995

Battle Monsters (バトルモンスターズ) is a versus fighting game developed by Scarab and released exclusively for the Sega Saturn in 1995. It was originally published by Naxat Soft in Japan and later published in North America and Europe by Acclaim Entertainment. Similar to Atari's Pit-Fighter, the game makes heavy use of digitized human actors as the characters, plus some blood influenced by Midway's Mortal Kombat series. The game features 12 playable fighters, and plays out on multi-tiered stages.

Deathmask [Playthrough/LongPlay]
00:00:00 Intro
00:00:22 Game Start
00:00:51 vs Chili and Pepper
00:02:13 vs La. Pa
00:04:31 vs Shion
00:06:38 vs Fangore
00:08:00 vs Kap. Ka
00:09:46 vs Makaryudo
00:12:03 vs Headless Harn
00:13:57 vs Albiole
00:15:39 vs Naga
00:17:39 vs Deathmask
00:19:25 vs Drethdok
00:21:51 vs Skythe
00:24:03 vs Big 4 (Leviathan/Salamande/Jinnee/Behemoth)
00:28:40 Ending
00:29:35 Credits

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