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Melty Blood Character Designs - Plain vs Bland

Don’t call it a comeback video, because my videos take so long they’re all comeback videos.

Yeah, I’m doing the popular thing and talking about Melty Blood character designs, but I promise that I felt this way before it was cool (and I don’t use character designs as an excuse not to play the game). I think I’m allowed a little bit of ragging about these characters and their game, since my first exposure to Melty Blood was being thrashed in a corner by C-Kohaku for 45 minutes straight. Bitter? Who’s bitter?

This video didn’t actually take too long to make, but I put off working on it for at least a month because the “conversation” around MTBL and its designs evolved as the game’s launch neared. I wanted the game to be a known quantity before I committed to saying something about it.

Thank you again for all your patience. I swear my next video will be back to my usual production standards.

Feedback is welcome!

== Sections ==
0:00 Disclaimer
1:02 Blandness and Distinctness
2:51 The Persona Approach
6:06 The Melty Blood Approach
8:14 Go Back to Guilty Gear!
10:29 Mario Golf Super Rush
12:23 Thanks for Watching!

== Music ==
F-Zero GX - Your Garage (Shop)
F-Zero GX - As you choose 3rd (Main selector)
F-Zero GX - Hurrah for the Champion

== Special Thanks ==
MBAACC streaming overlay:
Character art and animations:

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