The King Of “Kusoge” Fighting Games? - Fist Of The North Star - Livez Pk
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The King Of “Kusoge” Fighting Games? - Fist Of The North Star

If you’re a fighting game player, you might have heard the term “kusoge” thrown around every now and then. It usually refers to a fighting game that is low quality, incomplete, or completely broken, in the best way possible.

After all, not every fighting game has to be good to be played competitively. Sometimes, games with infinites, broken characters, and ridiculous combos can have just enough charm to connect with a fanbase, and propel a game to unexpected popularity. Today, we’ll be looking at a Kusoge that is one of the most popular in the FGC, and how a game based on a post-apocalyptic manga became everyone’s favorite basketball fighting game.

This, is Hokuto no Ken, aka Fist of the North Star.

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