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Making Fighting Games Accessible


This time I talk about Fighting Games and how this genre that is notorious for how hard it is to get into is finally extending a helping hand and becoming more accessible, using as an example Guilty Gear Strive which I have been OBSESSED WITH since its release. Why is Strive so much more appealing and approachable for new players than other fighting games? What can other fighting games do to improve their approachability by a larger playerbase? With Guilty Gear Strive, Melty Blood Type Lumina, KOFXV, Blazblue and P4AU updates and Project L and DNF Duel on the horizon there is a Fighting Game REVOLUTION happening right now, and I hope you are as excited as I am. Enjoy!

Audio, video editing, and TV Visuals by Ntrakon:
TV Design, Endscreen by Mel:

Massive thank you to @Foxcade for lending his voice!

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#FightingGames #GetIntoFightingGames

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