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Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors (Arcade 1995) - Juri [Playthrough/LongPlay]

Platform: Arcade
Developer/Publisher: Sunsoft
Year: 1995

Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors (ギャラクシーファイト ユニバーサル・ウォーリアーズ) is a fighting game originally developed and published by Sunsoft in 1995 for the Neo-Geo MVS in arcades, and then for the Neo Geo AES console. It was Sunsoft's second fighting game after their 1994 Super Famicom spin-off of their Hebereke series, Sugoi Hebereke, as well as their first side-viewed 2D fighting game.

The arcade version of Galaxy Fight uses 32 four-megabit ROM chips (a total of 16 megabytes of data). A year later in 1996, Sunsoft produced another 2D fighting game also for the Neo-Geo titled Waku Waku 7. Two years after that, in 1998, they joined a small company SANTACLAUS in producing the Sega ST-V powered arcade game Astra Superstars.

Juri (ジュリ) [Playthrough/LongPlay]
00:00:00 Intro
00:00:20 Insert Coin/Character Select
00:01:25 vs Kazuma (カズマ)
00:03:41 vs Alvan (アルバン)
00:05:59 vs Rolf (ロルフ)
00:08:15 vs Musafar (ムサファー)
00:10:08 vs Bonus-kun (ボーナスくん)
00:11:21 vs Roomi (ルーミ)
00:13:36 vs Gunter (ギュンター )
00:15:41 vs Golden Done [G.Done] (ゴールデン・ドーン)
00:17:56 vs Yacopu (ヤコプ)
00:20:13 vs Felden (フェルデン)
00:22:31 Ending
00:23:26 vs [Rouwe] Bonus Stage (*When not losing any round)
00:25:37 Congratulations/Credits
00:27:23 Thank You For Watching!

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