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How to Learn to Code - 8 Hard Truths

Learning to code can open many doors in life, but it's NOT easy and NOT for everybody. Let's take a look at 8 different techniques supported by science that can help you become a programmer faster.

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🔗 Resources

Feynman Technique
How to Get a Tech Job
Spacing Effect
Don't Learn to Code

📚 Chapters

00:00 Learn to Code
00:43 1. Hard Work
01:29 2. Patterns over Syntax
02:38 3. Stop Watching
03:22 4. Stay Healthy
03:47 5. Feynman Technique
05:00 6. Dopamine Hits
05:47 7. Not Too Hard tho
06:27 8. Learn Like a Pro

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🔖 Topics Covered

Is Learning to Code hard?
Can anybody learn to code?
Tips for learning programming
Staying healthy while coding
Is coding the new literacy?
How to use the Feynman technique
What is the best programming language to start with? Python, JS, Go, Swift, or Kotlin

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