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Improving Your Neutral in SSBU: The Mindgame

In a boxing match, both competitors have to box, you can't use your elbows and you can't use your legs, the matchup is boxer vs. boxer. Similarly, in a fencing match, you're using the same same type of weapon, you can't use a machete, and you definitely can't use a gun, the matchup is fencer vs fencer.

But in fighting games, there are a wide variety of matchups, some characters use their fists, some have swords, some can make the ground explode, and some are made out of noodle arms.

Why does this matter?

Written by Brian Ding and Ethan Anderson
Edited by Luke Stocking


Music used:
Bomberman Hero OST - Redial
SF III Akuma's Theme - Killing Moon
SF III Third Strike Spunky Theme
SF V High Roller Casino Theme

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