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Nuances of Neutral

This won't be my last video on the subject. After mulling over the script for a couple months as I worked on editing I came to realise the shortcomings of the things presented in this video. It is a little surface level so I plan to go further into separate topics in the future. I'm learning a lot as I research and articulate so explanations on stuff like this will get better as time goes on. My writing is incredibly stilted when it comes to explicitly informative content as well, so I'll make an effort to improve on that front onwards. So, apologies for lackluster content after such a long hiatus.

But enough self-depreciation, let's get into peripheral information.

1:11 - Consideration of options
5:07 - Differences in ranges and space
12:00 - Focus
15:57 - Me furiously masturbating over Vagabond

Neutral is a versatile topic. This video WON'T suffice as a full neutral guide. Read up using the following links (Quite a few of these are for traditional fighting games as opposed to Smash, but are still very good at teaching concepts. Just make the transition from traditional FGs to Smash):
This whole thread contains lots of great links to various Neutral game guides. Primarily to do with Street Fighter but still educational.
I've talked about Jay Rego often before and with good reason. The best fighting game content on Youtube.
Really great multi-part guide to different footsies instances
Not really specific to neutral but is a must read for any competitor. Discusses Sun Tzu-esque ideas.

Support the official release, support the artist yada yada. Everyone just reads their manga online for free anyway so here's a decent reader with good quality scans:
This is a link to all the Vagabond animations I did. Don't really plan on using them again so they're free to use by anyone. No credit needed.

Tournament footage used:

Edited using Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.

Muramasa the Demon Blade OST (arrange version) - Frugal Eating
Seven Samurai OST - Kanbei & Katsushiro-Kikuchiyo's Mambo
Muramasa the Demon Blade OST - Frugal Eating
Muramasa the Demon Blade OST - Fortune Returning
Muramasa the Demon Blade OST - Fated Relationship
Seven Samurai OST - Samurai Search
Seven Samurai OST - Two Search for Samurai
Seven Samurai OST - Harvesting
Seven Samurai OST - Six Samurai

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