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Learning from Replays

I feel like I didn't make my point clear on a few things, something actionable is something you can write down and then work on immediately in training mode, actionable things are very important since it allows you something you can act on immediately. If you just watch the replay and don't find anything actionable to do, only finding things to keep in mind, you're much less likely to retain any of that info once you get back into a game.

Also I should clarify I when I said getting hit by the second dp in the first game was the most impactful mistake, I meant it was probably the most obviously bad decision I had made.

I'm not too happy with the pace of the video, talking is hard and editing is hard, but like watching replays, me watching this video will help me remember what I need to do better in the next one.

Lastly, I know I made a video like this before with DBFZ but I wasn't really too happy with it, and I feel the same about this one. Hopefully one day I can make a video going over replay analysis where I can say what I wanna say clearly.

If you actually read all this ty, you a homie.

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