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Critical Blow (PS1/Playstation 1997) - Marry Phillips [Playthrough/LongPlay]

Platform: PS1/Playstation
Developer: Racdym
Publisher: Banpresto
Year: 1997

Critical Blow is a 1997 Japanese video game for the Sony PlayStation developed by Racdym and published by Banpresto. It is a three dimensional fighting game, and is a sequel to Genei Tougi: Shadow Struggle. It features character designs by manga artist Ryōji Minagawa.

The game uses three dimensional polygons to render the graphics, and runs at 60fps.
It features four distinct gameplay modes: tournament mode, theater mode, VS mode, and a trading mode. Trading mode allows for the customization of characters using skills earned by defeating computer controlled opponents.

Marry Phillips [PSX] [Playthrough/LongPlay]
00:00:00 Intro
00:00:51 Game Start
00:02:34 vs Kei Iwase
00:04:46 vs Mao Chilling
00:05:57 vs Mark Stanford
00:07:45 vs Berserker
00:10:00 vs Chiaki Ichinomiya
00:11:14 vs Bobby Loggins
00:12:56 vs Raymond Norman
00:14:27 vs Rickey Leon
00:16:14 vs Hagane Ichinomiya (Extra Stage)
00:18:30 vs Sieguei
00:20:20 vs Merkuar
00:22:23 Credits / Ending
00:25:10 Thank You For Watching!

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