King of Fighters XV Hype! (Clashing Supers! Combos! Trades!) - Livez Pk
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King of Fighters XV Hype! (Clashing Supers! Combos! Trades!)

Everything in this video was done using 2 controllers simultaneously. The clips and the music were both edited together with re-writing and re-edits being done often to make the on screen action and music sync up. With entire sections being written to the combos and the clips themselves being extended or truncated to flow with the music.

The goal of the video is not to do the longest or most tech combos but to just create a hype KOF XV video. Getting some trade combos, having super clash together, creating choreographed moments and having everything supported by music that interacts with the video as it goes on. This was a huge project that I've been working on since the game was released.

The music was arranged and performed by my band, Project Dolphin:

Thanks to SNK and Koch media for working with us on this project. I'm super happy with how it turned out.

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