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STREET FIGHTER Franchise History ft. Maxmilian Dood | Development LORE in a Minute!

Maximilian Dood's recounts the history of the Street Fighter franchise. Happy 30th, World Warriors!

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Written by William Lu

Animated by Jules:

Voiced Maximilian Dood

In the mid-eighties, fighting games ruled the arcades, like Data East's Karate Champ and Konami's Yie-Ar Kung Fu, but a new challenger would emerge from Capcom.

In 1987, Yoshiki Okamoto assembled the group that would be responsible for the first Street Fighter game. Praised for its innovative control scheme which required a series of inputs to activate special techniques, Street Fighter was a hit and plans for a sequel were made.

However, the Street Fighter team had jumped ship to competitor SNK, but that only fueled Okamoto's competitive fire.

Street Fighter 2: The World Warriors was released in 1991 to critical and commercial success. Over 60,000 cabinets were shipped worldwide -- a number that hadn't been seen since the original Donkey Kong.

The biggest reason for its success? Capcom emphasized competitive gameplay, making the versus mode the primary game mode.

The sequel had fantastic controls and gamers quickly tried to master all the moves of the various fighters. Hardcore gamers quickly found out about the game's glitches in which a player could link attacks to unleash devastating combos, amplifying the complexity and depth of the core mechanics.

Street Fighter was also highly influential to the esports, competitive online gaming scene as we know it today. Local arcades, like Sunnyvale's Golfland began hosting Street Fighter 2 tournaments attracting hundreds of players. Eventually these regional tournaments would grow to bring in thousands of players from around the world. Matches between rockstar players Alex Valle, Justin Wong and Daigo Umehara would become the stuff of legend.

Today the Evolution Championship Series is the world's largest fighting game competition, with thousands of entrants duking it out in Las Vegas. In 2017, Street Fighter 2, the game that started it all, was inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame and the SNES conversion remains Capcom's best selling game, ever. Have fun!


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