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The Double Standards of Sexual Harassment in Animation

Exploring cartoon "couples" that aren't as cute as we all once thought. Yes, I'm ruining Valentine's Day...again.

0:00 Exposition
1:38 Sonic x Amy
2:27 Chowder x Panini
4:14 Dejanae x Sticky
5:07 Warner Siblings x Adults
5:36 Lola Bunny x Bugs Bunny
6:13 Fifi Le Fume
6:26 Ronnie Ann x Lincoln Loud
6:52 Helga x Arnold
7:28 Sierra x Cody
8:05 Tootie x Timmy
8:25 The Kanker Sister x The Eds
9:21 The Casanovas
9:33 Irwin x Mandy
10:00 Pepe Le Pew x Penelope Pussycat
11:24 Johnny Bravo
13:22 Conclusion

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