Asuka 120% Special: Burning Fest. Special (PS1/Playstation 1996)- Asuka Honda [Playthrough/LongPlay] - Livez Pk
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Asuka 120% Special: Burning Fest. Special (PS1/Playstation 1996)- Asuka Honda [Playthrough/LongPlay]

Platform: PS1/Playstation
Developer: Fill-in-Cafe
Publisher: FamilySoft, NEC Avenue, ASK-Kodansha
Year: 1996
Region: Japan (NTSC-J)

Asuka 120% Special: Burning Fest. Special (あすか120%スペシャル) is a 2D Fighting video game published by Family Soft released on March 29th, 1996 for the Playstation.

Asuka 120% (あすか120%) is a Japanese bishōjo fighting game series developed by Fill-in-Cafe and published by FamilySoft. It is set in a school where members of school clubs fight each other in a fighting tournament. Originally released on the FM Towns home personal computer in 1994, it was released for multiple systems through the years. Masatoshi Imaizumi led development with artwork provided by manga artist Aoi Nanase and music by Keishi Yonao.

Asuka Honda (本田飛鳥) [PSX] [Playthrough/LongPlay]
00:00:00 Intro
00:02:01 Title/Character Select
00:04:59 vs Kumi Ōkubo (大久保久美)
00:08:17 vs Megumi Suzuki (鈴木めぐみ)
00:10:56 vs Ryūko Yamazaki (山崎竜子)
00:13:26 vs Cathy Wild (キャシィ・ワイルド)
00:16:16 vs Nana Owada (小和田奈々)
00:19:40 vs Kiyoko Mitarai (御手洗清子)
00:22:49 vs Torami Hōjō (北条虎美)
00:26:02 vs Karina Toyota (豊田可莉奈)
00:29:02 vs Tamaki Shindō (新堂環)
00:33:21 Ending/Credits
00:35:21 Thank You For Watching!

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