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Thrill Kill - Unreleased PS1 Game

Gameplay of the leaked version of the cancelled Playstation game Thrill Kill.

Wikipedia: Thrill Kill is an unreleased 1998 fighting video game for the Sony PlayStation. While the technical feat of allowing four players to fight simultaneously in the same room was to be a major selling point, this was overshadowed by the controversy surrounding the game's depictions of violence and sexual content. Examples of this content include BDSM and fetishistic costumes and acts, limb dismemberment, and violent special moves with suggestive names.

As it was essentially completed before it was cancelled, it is one of the most widely available and easily playable unreleased games ever made. Discs and downloads containing near-final versions of the game are easy to obtain via the internet and are playable on PlayStation emulators and modded consoles.

The game is notable for being the first video game to get the rare Entertainment Software Rating Board "Adults Only" (AO) rating for violence; all prior AO ratings had been for sexual content.

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