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Motion Inputs

Hey them weird little circles do go whacky, which is why I will now talk about what is effectively a control scheme - but hey I guess videos on completely mundane topics is my thing now.

Also I'm very sorry for the arrow in the thumbnail, but it's about motion inputs, it kind of needs to be there for once.

Tweeper :

Games shown (in order of appearance)
Street Fighter (1987)
Street Fighter 2
Mortal Kombat
Fatal Fury
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition
Jojo's Bizarre adventure: Heritage For The Future
Guilty Gear Strive
Tekken 7
Dragonball FighterZ
Street Fighter 3: 3rd strike
Ultra street fighter 4
Elden Ring
League of legends
BlazBlue Central Fiction
Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2
Guilty Gear XX accent core Plus R
Under Night in birth Exe Late cl-r
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All-star battle
King of fighters 13
DarkStalkers 3
Street Fighter 5
Skate 2
Tekken 3
Lost Arc
Titanfall 2
Assassins Creed Brotherhood
Counter Strike Global Offensive
Apex Legends
Rocket League
Fall Guys
Cruelty Squad
Fantasy Strike
Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2
TimeSplitters 2
Fallout 3
Halo 3

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