Saaya 2 - Episode 04 - Mashal Khan - Sohail Sameer [Eng Sub] 9th May 2022 - HAR PAL GEO - Livez Pk

Saaya 2 - Episode 04 - Mashal Khan - Sohail Sameer [Eng Sub] 9th May 2022 - HAR PAL GEO
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Abdullah Zafar
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Saaya 2 - Episode 04 - Mashal Khan - Sohail Sameer [Eng Sub] 9th May 2022 - HAR PAL GEO

After the unprecedented success of Saaya 1, Geo Entertainment brings Saaya 2 revolving around the theme of horror, mystery and suspense.

It’s been a long time since Sualeha passed away however Rashid is unable to recover from his wife’s loss and memories. Seeing his children growing up and carrying on with their lives gives him peace and a feeling of contentment. Living in a joint family setup, Rashid’s children, Shariq, Pinky and Guriya are brought up by Ghana with utmost love and care. Guriya who takes after her mother, Sualeha, is able to sense paranormal activities around her.

One unfortunate night, a mysterious incident leads Feroze to enter the lives of Rashid’s family and begins to interfere in their matters. On the other hand, Talal an experienced and well-informed exorcist is consulted which results in an age-old battle between good and evil. While Talal is aware of Feroze’s reality, Pinky secretly develops feelings for him leaving Guriya’s life divided between love and sacrifice.
Saaya 2 rediscovers the vengeful story of Sualeha and her ability to rescue and protect her daughters from evil. Despite experiencing paranormal activities once again, will Rashid and his family be able to realize the gravity of the situation? Will the family be able to ward off evil entities from their house or will they fall prey to them?

Written by: Wajiha Saher
Directed by: Sami Sani
Produced by: Erfan Ghanchi
Production House: Blue Eye Entertainment

Cast :
Mashal Khan As Pinky
Momina Iqbal As Guriya
Maria Naqvi As Ghana
Hareem Sohail As Laiba
Shahzar Sani As Shariq
Sohail Sameer As Rashid
Mizna Waqas As Raheela
Inaya Khan As Sidra
Wajiha Khan As Laraib
Benazir Khan As Manahil
Esha Usman As Shafaq
Asim Mehmood As Hassan
Ayesha Khan As Rafiya
Hammad Saqib As Arib
Naina As Vishal
Sabiha Hashmi As Riffat
Haris Waheed As Ahsan
Sabhat Bukhari As Naila
Asad Zaman As Shahnawaz
Ruby Butt As Anaya
Naveed Raza As Talal
Beena Chaudhry As Rabiya
Daniyal Afzal Khan As Feroz
Jannan Hussain As Nilofar
Awais Khalid As Karcha
Saleem Mairaj As Shams
Maham Amir As Saliha
Anam Tanveer As Dr. Areesha
Mehboob Sultan As SHO Khokar
Rauf Bhutta As Zaidi
Ibrahim As Rabi
Sami Sani As Baba Sahil
Urooj Kazmi As Noor
Fauzia Raj As Samina
Kiran As Shabana
Uzair As Khizar

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