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VOLCANIC STIR FRY | Kat-A-Kat Masters in Pakistan | Amazing Street Food in the World!

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Kat-a-kat or tak-a-tak (it still remains a debate what the sound is) is one of the greatest of all Pakistani street food dishes, and when you’re in Karachi, it’s a must eat.

Noorani Kabab House - We decided to go to Noorani Kabab House, the restaurant that if you mention katakat to any Karachiite, it will come to mind - they are the ultimate in preparing katakat or tak a tak, and as soon as you arrive, you’ll know why.

The entire intersection is filled with a cloud of smoke from the 7 or 8 giant hot plates all going at once, from the clanking and the steam and smoke pouring from the restaurant you literally feel like you’re standing in the middle of a volcano.

One of my favorite parts of this experiences was getting to choose our own goat organs - a couple of testicles, some kidneys, and some brains - that will do. They get started on your order, chopping everything up and mixing it with spices and sauces on the hot plate all while chopping and mixing and the same time. It truly is a spectacular food to watch being prepared and the chefs are such experts and masters at what they do.

Katakat or tak-a-tak is no doubt one of the most intense, amazing, and delicious Pakistani street foods to eat in Karachi and I will be back to Noorani Kabab House everytime I’m in Karachi.

Big thank you for my friend Ali (https://www.instagram.com/alinhamdani/) for making this happen!

Watch my entire Pakistan Food series here: https://youtu.be/Xdya8eym9nM

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