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Village Food in Pakistan - Chicken Curry by Grandma + COW DUNG Tandoori + Village Cooking FEAST

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Village food in Pakistan is AMAZING! Today, we're going DEEP into the countryside of Pakistan to try local village cooking, trying a DELICIOUS Chicken curry made by grandma, and a huge Pakistani village LUNCH!

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Today, I'm (The Food Ranger, Trevor James) taking you for a RARE VILLAGE FOOD feast with my friends Saim and Ali! We drove out to Saim's hometown village in the countryside of Pakistan for some extremely delicious home cooking village style!

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Village food in Pakistan is very delicious, perhaps even more delicious than street food in Pakistan! One of the most unique foods in this food video in Pakistan we tried was the saag spinach and mustard curry combined with the COW DUNG FUEL tandoor oven that cooked the paratha in!

In this village cooking video, Granny is cooking up a ton of local specialties, and we are going for a village tour to see how the locals live! We ride a buffalo, visit the cow dung drying area, and taste some of the local well water!

When we arrived in Saim's family village, one of the things that really struck me is how happy everyone is. The local way of life is very relaxing and calming! We were invited to his home and watched Saim's granny cooking up all of her village secrets! The Pakistani village recipes were amazing to taste! This was the trip of a lifetime!

We watched Saim's granny preparing paratha and also some corn flour paratha, SUPER TASTY chicken curry prepared by granny, and also some amazing desserts too! Watching it all was breathtaking!

Thanks so much for watching!

I hope you're enjoying this big Pakistani street food video series! Thanks so much for watching, I would love to hear from you down below!

There is much more street food in our Pakistani food videos series, get ready for the playlist of a lifetime!!

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Thanks so much for watching my Pakistan Street Food videos!
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