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Naruto Shippuden Episode 320 english dubbed
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Abdullah Zafar
The Headquarters receives information that Omoi abandoned his post on the battlefield, and quickly contacts Kakashi, who confirms the information. A starts believing he could have deserted, but Karui came to his defence putting that idea aside. Sai, adding extra information that Omoi could be going towards the Seventh Front where the Water Attack Raid Unit was being bailed by the Thundercloud Unit, who had never reached their destination, suggested that he was concerned with the supply unit composed by children. Omoi contacts the Headquarters, promising to rescue the children within an hour. Hoping they were celebrating their victory when he gets there, the Headquarters send one of Naruto's shadow clones to help him against two thousand of the White Zetsu Army. When at the Seventh Front, Omoi only found Kirigakure-nin corpses and countless White Zetsu clones, Naruto's clone appears in time to help him against the large number of opponents, but an oversight of Omoi's causes him to strike Naruto's clone, which dispels it. Alone again, he strives to find the enthusiasm to face his many opponents. Advancing through the enemy defences, Omoi is faced with White Zetsu clones affected by the red soil, who expelled a poisonous smokescreen. On the other side, the Thundercloud Unit, hidden in a statue near a lake, was being led by Yukai, whilst resisting the enemy. Eventually, Omoi, going in to their rescue, gets rid of various White Zetsu clones with a lightning bolt under the water. They then decide to come out and fight, side by side with Omoi, destroying all the enemies. Afterwards, A contacts Omoi and informs him that if he was going to complete the mission in an hour he needed to get back fast. However, if Omoi did not get there in an hour, A would punish the latter himself.
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